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The ANUSIM list is for those who know/think/suspect or are interested in Spanish or Portuguese Jewish peoples that were forced to convert under duress and kept Jewish practices, in secret, to any extent. Although the list will mainly focus on feelings, thoughts, and learning about Jewish practices by those descendants, scholars and those interested in the subject of crypto-judaism are welcome as long as they respect those who wish for anonimity. All branches of Judaism can be discussed. Persons wishing to learn more about messianics (Jews for Jesus) can find it on other places. Since a lot of participants will come with very little or no knowledge of Judaism, questions of all levels are welcome.

Participants will not be urged to convert to Judaism if that is not their wish.

Those seeking only to learn about their ancestors and how they lived are also welcome.

Abuse, prozeletizing and 'My version of religion X is better than yours' will not be tolerated.

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Please keep all posts on topic. If you fail to do so, or are rude, you will be unsubscribed from the list.

Thanks, Ana Kurland, The List Owner

Hay una lista nueva para aquellas personas que sepan, crean, sospechan o estan interesadas en los desendientes de los Judios Ibericos que fueron obligados a convertirse en cristianos. Se les han llamado varios nombres como Marranos, conversos, crypto-judios, etc. La lista se llama Anusim, que es la palabra hebrea para 'los obligados' (o sea, a convertirse). Si cree que sus antepasados eran judios de la peninsula Iberica, por favor, unase a nuestra lista. Para suscribirse, vaya a:

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Tambien hay una lista en idioma castellano, Conversos:

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Ana Kurland Moderadora de la lista

Ha uma nova lista para quem saiba, acredite ou suponha que seja, ou que esteja interessado nos descendentes dos judeus ibericos que foram obrigados a se converter ao cristinismo para poderem continuar morando na Iberia. Varias palavras como marranos, conversos, cripto-judeus, etc., tem sido usadas para descreve-los. A lista chama-se Anusim, a palavra hebraica para "os obrigados" (isto e, obrigados a se converterem). Se voce acredita que seus antepassados foram judeus da Peninsula Iberica, por favor assine a nossa lista. Va ate

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Ana Kurland Moderadora de la lista

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